About Us

     We opened the Lake Avenue and Coliseum location of Oley's in December of 1993 and we look forward to many more years here.

     Since the purchase of this Oley's Restaraunt in 1988,   (then located on South Anthony Blvd.) we have developed many friendships and have become the "Let's go to -" place for people in and around Fort Wayne.

     You may enter Oley's as a stranger, but we feel certain that you will leave as a "Friend" and we will see you again very soon...

Oley's Staff...

  • Jim...

    Jim is the co-owner of Oley's at Lake & Coliseum.  He has lived in Fort Wayne since birth (his, not Fort Wayne's) and has no plans to leave.

  • Rose

    Rose is the co-owner of Oley's and she is Jim's wife.
    Rose is in-charge of the 'Dining Room' and making sure the service is 'spot-on'.

  • Tim

    Tim is Jim's son and the store manager.  Tim does alot of everything and he does it well.